Light boxes

The panel-mounting brackets

Neon Signs

LED signs

Volumetric letters

Flat letters

Advertising stele


Gas station Stele


Roof installation

Information boards

Pharmacy crosses


Incoming groups

Road signs



Advertising constructions


Mall decorations

Considering albums with our work, made at the junction of 20-21 centuries, we often smile, remembering the material that had to be used, the equipment, which had to work, and those technologies that were then in service. But it did not go 100, not 50, and some 15 years. How to say Bender: “How far this time stepped chess thought!”
Modern outdoor advertising is difficult to imagine without composite materials, colored acrylic, LED screens and heavy-duty fixings chemical systems. But at the same time it has always been in demand good old milk acrylic film Aurukun, aluminum profiles and neon, intricately curved master glassmaker.
Current technology ever modern and technologically advanced on the one hand and on the other traditsionno- soundly. We left in our arsenal all the best and last the test of time of use, and at the same time follow all the novelties appearing in the market of outdoor advertising like mushrooms after rain. A delicate taste and internal culture of our designers allows us to combine together these seemingly most controversial technologies and materials. And something in my heart tells us that all of us: the customers and the producers of outdoor advertising is only the beginning. It’s only the beginning!

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