Goals :

For 15 years, we cut plastic, sticking tape, neon tubes and Gnehm frezeruem composite with only one tselyu- only to make another beautiful, bright, high-quality, manufacturability sign that adorn the object of our customer, it will attract the most refined gourmet restaurant, make wrap him at the gas station steep “pepper” to the “Ferrari”, and simply delight the residents of our city with its novelty.

About us :

  • We know facing facades and illuminated signs all.

  • We are ready now to conduct free advice for you – suggest that variant signs, building facades and gas stations, which is necessary for you to get maximum effect and increase the profitability of your business.

  • We offer: assembly and high-altitude works, facing facades, signage repairs, cleaning and update signage, signage service.

Achievements :

The tremendous experience in the outdoor advertising market - 14 years
During the whole period it was made more than 35 gas stations integrated design
Since 2000 it has been issued more than 260 bank branches
During this period of activity we have gone through all the stages inherent to any living organism. Limbo, becoming the first successful steps and the first “full of bumps,” the joy of the work performed on their own, given to the house meticulous teacher. We learned to make friends and have tried to work very hard. We are proud of the task of rebranding dozen offices “Raiffeisenbank Ukraine” made within a month of hard work and great warmth remembered neat little plate for the sales office cottage “Clear”. Our installers with sadness dreaming of the time when they will travel again to draw another object in the hero-city of Sevastopol and ready upon request to advance to the Republic of Belarus, where in the shortest possible time was decorated hotel and restaurant in the “National Park of Pripyat” in the Gomel region.
But, more importantly, after all, it is what we can conclude: variety and lots of it. And we believe that they will help us in our future work and in our lives.
And we know that we will not let you!

They trust us :

Platinum Bank
Otp Bank

Reviews :

  • We highly recommend The Face as a quality and reliable contractor in the manufacture of signs, building facades, facing of buildings and the production of domestic light boxes. We are satisfied with the cooperation and are ready to continue it in 2016

    Kechiyan A.N
    Director of “Shelf TK”

  • Company TheFace, is our trusted partner for quite a long time. Our managers are always promptly and professionally respond to all requests. The Company takes into account all the proposals received and the needs of the representatives of the bank’s outdoor advertising. During the cooperation the company The Face has proved itself as a highly professional organization, ready to efficiently solve the tasks. Individual approach to each client and high level of customer service – the distinctive features of this company. We are confident that our partnership will continue to flourish and grow stronger.

    Chernyavskyy Y.A
    Chief administrative of Platinum Bank

  • With the company The Face Bank collaborated in the production of promotional items. During the cooperation the company has confirmed its high professional status, competence and was active in solving tasks. All works were carried out on time and with proper quality. We are satisfied with the results of the company The Face, and recommend it as a reliable and responsible partner.

    Lazepko L.O
    Member of OTP Bank

  • Jura , thank you for signboards . Everything is done efficiently and , most importantly, on time. I hope for further cooperation .

    Vіktorіya Gorbachova
    Head of Advertising at PAT “Polіkombank”